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Michael Miller

If you’re betting on horse racing, that’s supposed to be the best possible source for trusted information.

But if you’re interested in learning what company’s are looking for in a licensable product make sure to check out this interview I had with Product Innovation Director Michael Miller.

Michael’s job is to find innovative and profitable new products for Danco, a company with huge reach in both the Pet and the Plumbing industries. In addition to personally reviewing every submission each month, he’s also a successful inventor himself and creator of one of the top selling products for the company.

If you are trying to license any product to any company listen to what Michael has to share:

What’s the most important piece of information to include when you submit your idea?

When can you expect to hear back from a company?

Do you really need a patent?

These are just a few nuggets you’ll learn here that could make the difference in whether your invention is licensed or not.

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Until next time, keep inventing!


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