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Here’s another product I brought to market, the Acqua Bol.  A folding credit card-sized water bowl for pets on the go.  I brought this product to market on my own rather that through licensing for two reasons:

1. The low price point didn’t make for an ideal licensed product given my sales projections

2. I wanted to

This product has been a very popular, and still has a dedicated following spreading the word, even though its been at least three years since I’ve done ANY promotion whatsoever.  Why’d I stop?  The lesson I learned from starting WowBow Products is you need more than one product, and need to make more than $1.40 per unit to hope to cover expenses and make it worth your time.  Even popular products people love should be abandoned if they don’t meet your objectives.  See the site at

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  1. Posted by kendra, at Reply

    Are you still producing them? I tried contacting you via the site (email & phone) & neither are functioning. Pls advise