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Ever feel that overwhelmingly frustrating sensation where you WISH you already knew what you were doing?

I constantly feel that way about mountain biking and parenting, but I never felt it more than back when I had my first idea and didn’t know how to get it to market.  If you’re reading this blog chances are you’ve been there, or are right there right now.

Even though I’ve successfully licensed multiple product and have brought other concepts to market on my own, there is always more to learn about successfully inventing the right product, especially as you branch out to new industries.

Here are Five Great Inventor Resources I use to improve myself:

1. United Inventors Association: The UIA has been tirelessly helping educate inventors and advocating for our rights for over 20 years.  Registration is free and provides a wealth of information including local inventor clubs and networks, hugely discounted access to inventor-friendly tradeshows, and a great daily blog with real world advice on successfully inventing.  UIA sponsored partners (including Inventors Blueprint) are a great starting place if you are looking for a provider.

2. 99% Invisible Podcast:  This is a fantastic podcast to help you understand, then become inspired by the power of great design.  There are many ways to solve a problem, but this show reminds you to dive into the details and discover ways to make your solution the best solution.

3. Protomold is a site that offers CNC prototyping and small volume runs of injection molded parts, but today I want to encourage you to sign up for their Design Tips newsletter.  If you (like me) weren’t forward thinking enough to study design at school, this is a great resource to understand the often critical details of creating a product that can actually be manufactured.

4.  IP Watchdog: If you find yourself in a position where you want to better understand the current state of Intellectual Property, or educate yourself on your IP options, this is the site for you.  Plus you can find sample contracts, business startup tips and many helpful articles and strategies to guide your journey.

5. and  Whatever industry your invention falls into, chances are you could do with a bit more insight about it.  These sites will help you subscribe to any trade magazines to get up to speed on trends, and also tell you when and where the next tradeshow is.

Now that you’ve visited all these sites, do us all a favor and share your favorite inventor resources over on the side here.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so thanks for your help in keeping us safe!

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  1. Posted by Ryan Grepper, at Reply

    Have any inventor resources I missed? Post them below and share the love.

  2. Posted by Inventor and learner, at Reply

    Core 77 is a good design blog, Brian Fried’s blog and Tamara Monosoff’s blog are good too