Kickstarter Campaign- day 1 lessons

Coolest Kickstarter

I’m so excited!  The COOLEST is live and up on Kickstarter here:

We’ve had an amazingly successful first day so far and we’re just getting started.

Heres are a few of my take-aways on launch day:

1.  You won’t know what traffic will be effective so start diverse.  We’ve put time and effort into getting exposure from lots of avenues, but our traffics patterns and conversions were a surprise.  Now we can take this data and refine our strategy along the way.

2. Manage your messaging.  Your family and friend are most likely to back you right off the bat.  Allow them time to support you before you blast out to a larger, lesser known group.  Casual visitors are more likely to fund a campaign that already has some contributions in place.

3.  Do MORE beforehand.  We had an aggressive launch window we were shooting for, and I feel good that we hit it.  That said I would feel better if I had slept more hours in the last few days than I have fingers.

4. You can’t know what kind of interest people will have for any reward level until you get started.  For example, our highest tier reward level disappeared in less than 3 hours!

5. Show your appreciation.  It’s likely that when you launch a crowdfunding campaign you’ll have help from others.  Maybe this is technical help, or even just a wonderful spouse carrying a bigger load to give you time to prepare your campaign.  Make sure to take a few moments- especially at the peak of hecticness- and show your gratitude.

What do you want to know about the first day launching a crowdfunding campaign?


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  1. Posted by Joel Gonzalez, at Reply

    Eight days to go Ryan. It looks like you’re going to reach your goal. I donated $25 without asking for anything in return. You have giving much more with all the interesting and informative tips and information via your blog. I posted your effort on my facebook page and I hope my friends act accordingly. I will keep track of your effort and I’m ready to give you more if need so. My best wishes to you.

  2. Posted by Don, at Reply

    Ryan – What a difference 8 months makes! Your first Kickstarter campaign for Coolest didn’t hit your goal. Your second … Holy Coolest! Please, post a follow-up on the differences between these two campaigns. Congrats on your overwhelming success this time around!

  3. Posted by michael, at Reply

    Actually i’m very interested in this product, and i would like to ask about the possibility for some kind of cooperation. We could produce for you and sell them in China. I talked with some TV, and they also feel interested. We have many years of home appliance experience and i am very open minded.
    If you feel interested, we may talk for more details.

  4. Posted by Marsha Heacox, at Reply

    Ryan, I doubt I will hear back from you as there never seems to be a way of communicating with you. I am an original backer of the Coolest. I have never received the Coolest and at this point would like a refund. This was a gift and it has now gone way past embarrassment. Please let me know what I need to do to get a refund asap. Thank you.

  5. Posted by Brenda and Mike Grubbs, at Reply

    As one of the original backers and never received my cooler. Now they are for sale multiple places. Can I get my cooler or can I get my refund. To date this has been a scam.

  6. Posted by Arlene Adkins, at Reply

    I’m still waiting … after 2 1/2 years to receive my Coolest Cooler. Please advise on the delivery date.

  7. Posted by Arlene Adkins, at Reply

    I’m still waiting … after 21/2 year … when will I receive my Coolest Cooler?

  8. Posted by Steven, at Reply

    I’m still waiting….