Kickstarter Campaign- day 1 lessons

Coolest Kickstarter

I’m so excited!  The COOLEST is live and up on Kickstarter here: We’ve had an amazingly successful first day so far and we’re just getting started. Heres are a few of my take-aways on launch day: 1.  You won’t know what traffic will be effective so start diverse.  We’ve put[...]

iPod invention in an 8-track world?


We think of it as a compliment when someone says we’re “ahead of our time”, but as an inventor you don’t want to be sooooo far ahead of the curve you can’t commercialize on your product. Here are 10 Inventions that were ahead of their time, including the 1979 iPod…[...]

Product to Market- Acqua Bol

  Here’s another product I brought to market, the Acqua Bol.  A folding credit card-sized water bowl for pets on the go.  I brought this product to market on my own rather that through licensing for two reasons: 1. The low price point didn’t make for an ideal licensed product[...]