Patent? Really?

tesla patent wall

I saw two things pop up on my radar with minutes of each other and wanted to share them with you. The first was this blog post from Tesla letting me know that all their patents now belong to me.  Well, not me in the Nigerian prince sense, more of a collective[...]

Kickstarter Campaign- day 1 lessons

Coolest Kickstarter

I’m so excited!  The COOLEST is live and up on Kickstarter here: We’ve had an amazingly successful first day so far and we’re just getting started. Heres are a few of my take-aways on launch day: 1.  You won’t know what traffic will be effective so start diverse.  We’ve put[...]

Goldrush Era for Crowdfunding


One of the biggest challenges I hear all the time relates to finding funding to develop a product for market.  Fortunately for everyone the world is quickly changing, and new options are more viable than ever.  One of the biggest, most accessible and exciting is the tremendous growth of crowdfunding[...]

Talk About Your Invention


If you tell anyone your great idea they will steal it and take it market before you can! Woe is me!! This is most inventors biggest fear and its also one of the biggest reasons most inventors never have success with their ideas. Here are some tips to help you[...]

5 Reasons NOT to Get a Patent

Why Not to Get a Patent

I like patents.  Let me start off saying that when used correctly, a strong patent can be the most valuable part of your invention’s value. The trouble is that almost everyone gets it wrong.  If fact the USPTO estimates that less than 1% of patents ever become commercially viable products.[...]

7 Biggest Inventor Mistakes


  Successfully bringing a new product to market is something that requires persistence and patience, yet too often people rush ahead and make the same mistakes as others before them.  While anyone can have a great idea, almost everyone can benefit from learning where others went wrong.  Here are the[...]