Be a Lazy Inventor

Lazy Inventor

Lazy summer days are the best, but they don’t usually contribute to your financial happiness.

Luckily you can harness your laziness to invent the next blockbuster idea!  I contend the laziest people can come up with the best ideas because to they are already naturally seeking the easiest way to do something.

See, someone with the “best” work ethic can spend hours doing all sorts of tasks the way they have always been done, and will just power through them.  But if you can train yourself to notice the little annoying inefficiencies in your day, that is the first step to recognizing there must be a better way.

Here are the four key elements to being a successful LAZI inventor:

L- Look and Listen actively.  Recognize that today could be the day you come up with your best idea ever so pay attention to yourself and others throughout the day.

A- Aware of Pain.  What bothers you and what do you hear others complain about?  Train yourself to become attuned to the slightest inefficiency or suffering.  If something bothers you it likely bothers others.

Z- Zero in on Opportunity.  Not everything that annoys you has the potential to be improved into a great product, so make sure you keep a list of your pain points.  Do your market research (module #2 in Inventors Blueprint) and make sure there are enough other people who suffer the same hassle you discovered.

I- Innovate.  Only noticing annoying things makes you a downer.  You need to find a better way to solve the problem that have the  characteristics of a great invention.  I blogged on that just the other week, so here’s that link again. (Lazy writing, right?)

The last part of making this LAZI inventor plan work for you is to actually take action.  Plenty of people with lazy mindsets are going to come up with great ideas, so make sure you have the willpower to take your inspirations and actually do the work required to get them to market.

You’ll thank yourself next summer when your invention is making you money while you sip daiquiris on a hammock.

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  1. Posted by Ryan Grepper, at Reply

    What do you do to come up with inspiration for new ideas? Post your suggestions below!

  2. Posted by LAZI Wanna-be, at Reply

    I liked your acrostic and your word play with “lazy”. Great article.