My 3D printer is your 3D printer


It seems like you can’t open any magazine these days without finding an article on 3D printing. Everything from medical applications printing with stem cells, 3D printed meat, and of course the polarizing 3D printed gun debate.

All of these are fascinating, but they aren’t helping you get any closer to seeing your idea selling as a product on the store shelf! That’s where I want to help.

I’ve had my 3D printer for just over a year now, and I SO enjoy the fact that I can print out many different versions on an idea with the push of a button. But I’m not using my printer every day, so I thought maybe we could help each other.

See I’m an Inventor first, a teacher through Inventors Blueprint second, and in dead last place a website marketer. :) If you’ve enjoyed your access to Inventors Blueprint, please help me get the word out.

I’m going to randomly pick 5 people who post their feedback on Inventors Blueprint training to my Facebook or Google+ page, and I’ll print out your prototype for you.

Just ‘like’ or ‘plus’ the page, share your thoughts, and for five happy folks you’ll send me your design file and I’ll print and ship it back to you. It’s that easy! And if you don’t have your design files ready, get on the ball and I’ll hook you up whenever you are ready.

It’s such a great feeling to finally hold and touch your idea in your hand for the first time… Why not use this little kick in the pants to take action and move your idea one big step forward?

I’m really looking forward to some feedback on the program too, so thanks in advance to all of you who share.

Good luck!

ps. I’m going to pick and contact the winners by the end of next week. You can post on both pages for twice the chances if you like! Thanks!!

pps. I should probably mention that your files should fit in the build area, which is about the size of a loaf of bread, but I can scale them down if needed.

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  1. Posted by Kent Valley, at Reply

    The Inventor’s Blue Print is priceless information!!


  2. Posted by Ryan Grepper, at Reply

    Thanks! Appreciate the feedback and glad it’s helping you.